Renovation and Design

Thomas Chase is a master at enhancing the property’s history and beauty while updating it for modern and specific residence needs.

With his architectural contacts and experienced team of workers and trades, Thomas can redesign and rebuild any space to your liking.

He has a reliable network of local craftsmen who have worked on several projects so he can provide good pricing and service in all areas of design including tiling, soft furnishings, window treatments and lighting.

Thomas can also source furniture, antiques and art.

Recent Examples of his Work Below:

Commissioned Wrought iron railing using original elements from existing railing which copies the chateau railing in the public stairways

Incorporated 18th century painted French doors

Incorporated 18th century painted French doors with new faux painted clerestory above

Traditional French Zinc bar countertop

Traditional French Zinc bar countertop custom designed for Grange kitchen

Designed apartment hub under mezzanine

Designed apartment hub under mezzanine to accommodate closets, powder room, air conditioning, washing machine & dryer & hot water heater

Stair tread using original 17th oak flooring

Stair tread using original 17th Century oak flooring in carre de Versailles pattern

Stair tread using original 17th oak flooring


“We first met Thomas in 2012, deciding what to with a rental apartment in Paris we inherited. He came highly recommended through an acquaintance who’d purchased an apartment and had used him to help design and outfit it.

From the start, not only was his advice valuable and timely but his knowledge of the workings of doing things in France incredibly helpful.

We decided to give up the rental apartment. Thomas came with us as we looked at various alternatives, helping visualize what was and wasn’t possible and was key in our final choice. From there, he helped us negotiate the purchase – even our agent told us it was ‘not done’ to negotiate in France, whereas Thomas proved that the opposite was true and saved us a fortune.

We decide to gut the apartment, move and strip the walls, the floors and add both a bathroom and a bedroom, a huge undertaking. His fee was more than reasonable. It was accomplished in 6 months, on budget and was even better than we had hoped.

Recently, we found a 16th C original that had not been restored and could not resist. It required artisans, stonemasons, structural engineers, museum approved restorers, truly a major undertaking. We have just moved in and it is as it was 400 years ago, except with all modern conveniences and efficiencies. All done with Thomas’ customary honesty, modesty, good humour and unflappability.

Our relationship with Thomas is simple: we cannot live without him in Paris!”

- David Y. December 2016